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learningtosmile's Journal

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this community was created by violet, but has thrived only due to it's members. you've made this a good community, and i thank you all for it..

this community is a place where someone can turn to if they need to get something off their chest. it's mostly directed towards people who are depressive, manic depressive, alcoholics, sexually abused, etc..but anyone is welcome.

also, if you know someone w/these kinds of problems..and you are trying to understand them, you might want to ask someone in here for help. the community's uses are broad. and now, i'll just leave you w/a quote. i got it off glory's website, and she got it off 1000deaths.com.

a suicide dies once..those left behind die 1,000 deaths trying to understand why..

[ baby, let's just run a w a y . . . ]

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